invisible ink contact lenses-customplayingcardss

invisible ink contact lenses are a very common cheating tool. They are very easy to use, and they can be used to help you read ink marks on cards. They are also discreet and economical. They can be used to clearly see the cards’ markings without having to be seen by staff or players.

invisible ink contact lenses & Marked Card Glasses

invisible ink contact lenses can be used to read the labels on cards. They are affordable and reliable. These contacts lenses can detect the smallest markings on cards, and they can read important information such suit, number and rank.

These contacts can be used to perform magic tricks. You can use them to see invisible ink marks on the cards’ backs. There are many options: transparent, transparent, black, circular and circular.

They can be worn as long as you wish without causing eye damage. They can be worn by people with blue eyes.

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